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ReInVentu Magazine is a magazine for women, by women! Our aim is to provide a platform for female veterans to voice their opinions and concerns, to fully express and embrace themselves, and to share their experiences with the world! These women not only represent all of the armed forces, but they also represent all of the mothers, providers, daughters, sisters, conquerors, survivors, chaos-makers, influencers, trendsetters, and transformational leaders who deserve to have their voices heard!

We offer a variety of content that covers a wide range of topics in business, health, wellness, beauty, education, and fashion. So, whether you’re looking for light entertainment or something more substantive, we can offer an enjoyable reading experience.

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Husband Welcoming Wife Home On Army Leave

Surprising facts you should know about women veterans

Today, more women are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces than ever before. Because of this, more women are transitioning from active duty to civilian life every year, and these women face unique challenges during that process.

Happy family posing together

3 Things You Need to Know About Women Veterans Today

When you see a woman walking down the road carrying her baby and groceries, would you think she’s a veteran? What if you saw a Texas beauty queen, or a woman alongside a man at the Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center? Is she a veteran?

Portrait of young female soldier

Understanding the Needs of Female Veterans

This commentary attempts to frame the article, “Safer Housing for Homeless Women Veterans,” in a wider context. It defines female veterans, homelessness, and military sexual trauma.